Burn Injury

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It's horrific, you or a loved one has suffered from a terrible incident where the injuries are from burns to parts of the body. The excrutiating pain that takes place during the healing process is at times unbelievable. You may have filed a claim with an insurance company regarding the burn, but don’t settle with an insurance company unless you have hired a lawyer to represent you. CHEN Law can and has assisted burn clients from injuries they sustained to make sure they receive fair and reasonable compensation. Karl Chen is leery of whether an insurance company will protect the rights of Maryland and Washington, D.C. burn victims, and want you to avoid waiving your right to demand fair compensation for your injuries. Call CHEN Law today to discuss your claim.

Fire Injuries and Damages

House fires may be the result of different causes. Fires not only can cause significant property damage, permanent disfigurement as a result of scarring skin and in some cases, long-term disabilities. Until you have hired a lawyer and discuss your case, settling with an insurance company may not be the best next step. CHEN Law will be your advocate and seek fair, just and equitable compensation for your injuries and damage.

Legal Representation for Burn Accident Victims

Burn victims from faulty hot water tanks, explosions, neglect or other causes should talk to a lawyer before settling with an insurance company, especially if the fire also involves others who were injured. If this occurs, you may receive unfair, unjust and inadequate compensation. Oftentimes you hear about the disturbing story of insurance companies settling claims quickly to avoid paying out fair compensation, and to the victims disappointment, it can be too late to renegotiate a fair and just settlement if no attorney was involved. Contact CHEN Law today to discuss your claim and get advice about compensation.

Victims of Gas Explosions

Imagine a faulty valve or installation of an appliance, digging by a contractor or poor line maintenance by the gas or electric company. Gas explosions can occur anywhere.

Next Steps

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