Car, Truck or Motorcycle Accident

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Before a lawsuit is filed, if the insurance company has not denied your settlement, we’ll receive from the insurance company an offer to settle, you will have choices to make and consider. An insurance company’s “top or final offer” is the amount they are agreeing to pay in order to settle the claim for injuries. Often when a final or top offer is made, the insurance company will not agree to pay any more money unless a lawsuit is filed. CHEN Law will do just that when a fair and reasonable compensation is not appropriately offered.

The insurance company has some choices to make, they may:

  • Offer reasonable and fair compensation
  • Offer an amount that is unreasonable and unfair
  • Offer you nothing and simply deny your claim
CHEN Law LLC Helps You Recover Just Compensation

As your personal injury lawyer, CHEN Law will help you recover the compensation that you deserve. We will from day one, begin to plan on the best way to recover just and fair compensation for your injuries. Depending on the hospital or medical provider, we may be able to negotiate a reduction in medical expense charges on your behalf. We may also be successful in negotiating a lower medical expense with Medicare and other lien holders.

CHEN Law advises our Maryland and Washington, D.C. clients of their rights and options to obtain a fair, just and reasonable compensation for their injuries. CHEN Law evaluates the insurance company’s response to our demand letters to establish if a reasonable offer is within reach, or if it is unreasonable, the next steps that should be pursued. We’ll discuss at these various stages.

When and if an insurance company denies your claim or an offer is unreasonable, we will discuss the options to consider a filing a claim in court. At CHEN Law, whether your accident occurred in the District of Columbia, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Charles County or Anne Arundel County or any surrounding county in the State of Maryland, we are able to battle these big insurance companies. Because filing a lawsuit can become expensive we will only file a lawsuit on your behalf if it’s in your best interest. If we believe that a lawsuit is unwarranted, we will share our view with you.

Next Steps

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