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Sometimes a lawsuit is necessary to be compensated for the alleged wrongdoings of another party. By hiring CHEN Law, you have a litigator to represent you in civil cases. Retaining an experienced attorney is important to obtaining financial compensation, stop someone or a business from taking advantage, or making someone or a business change their conduct. Contact CHEN Law if your matter is in Maryland or Washington, D.C., if you are considering civil litigation. We provide legal representation in a variety of legal practice areas.

Unlike a criminal matter a civil matter involves addressing parties who may be responsible for damages or injuries that you have experienced and suffered from and these types of suits also helps determine who is responsible and the type of fair and just compensation to be provided to the party that is ultimately harmed.

Achievements in Civil Claims Matters

CHEN Law provides clients in the State of Maryland and in Washington, D.C., with representation by a local, dedicated and competent attorney. We will commit to providing you with valuable assistance and practical resolutions of your civil claim. Whether your matter is in the counties District or Circuit Courts of Maryland, the Superior Court in D.C. or the federal courts in Maryland of Washington, D.C., We will work hard to deliver a desired result, which includes recovering compensation for damages or injuries you have suffered.

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