Employment Law

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Employment law involves the rights under the law that apply to employers and employees. As an employee knowing what body of law applies to your employment situation is essential. Your employment rights may be affected if your employer fails to implement appropriate policies and procedures, thus costing you your job or even your career.

CHEN Law counsels employees on their rights in the workplace and also in certain instances provide guidance to entrepreneurs in developing effective policies and procedures that comply with standards that minimize potential liability and unnecessary risk. CHEN Law does this by helping you comply with both state and federal employment laws to protect your business against needless litigation.

Employment Law Matters

As an employee, if you’ve been recently terminated as a result of a wrongful action or discriminatory basis, preserving your legal rights is critical. It doesn't matter whether your employer has just 50 employees or a large multi-mnational corporation, you may have legal rights that need to be protected and secured. CHEN Law will work with you to identify those rights and recommend legal steps to ensure that in the event of an unlawful action against you, that you receive just compensation.

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