Money Matters

How Financial Certainty Leads To Freedom

When it comes to money, most business owners are dealing with it one of two ways: you either micro- manage your books and use your financial reports as a crystal ball that allows you to predict the future OR you manage your financials by going online and checking your balance.

How do you handle money in your business? 

Do you have a strong relationship with your CPA, bookkeeping team, your controller? Do you have multiple entities and is the cash flowing between those entities properly? Do you need financing for your business?  Are you properly tracking loans you have made to your company?  Are your capital contributions booked appropriately?  Has the business loaned you money?  

This is the thing: We sabotage our success when we have financial uncertainty. 

Financial uncertainty materializes as bad decision-making, playing too small, and feeling massive fear. As a result, your business suffers. Conversely…

Financial systems give you freedom!

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